Reflections in Colour Collection

One of my first images the ‘Gorse Bush’ gave me the idea that :

Colour is everywhere. It‘s above us, beneath us - all around us. It’s in how we feel and how we express ourselves.

“He’s in a black mood... I’m feeling a bit under the weather, a bit blue... a sunny personality (bright yellow) and so on.”

And Photography, since it’s invention, has always been more than just holding up a mirror to reality. The camera becomes a means of taking the raw material of the world in which we find ourselves and showing us a view, a thing or a person in such a way as the finished picture reveals something about us, the viewer, as well.

These pictures are a meditation in colour on how our world can be seen and how it’s possible to see beneath the image. Perhaps the mental strength that is needed to cope with the everyday? Pushing up with strength and power... energy that lies hidden, to reflect on how we relate to what surrounds us and to see the extraordinary in life.

You can hang some of these pictures any way you wish. Up, down, sideways depending on your mood and how you are feeling at the time.

Book Now Available

The 'Reflections in Colour' book is a collection of images by Chris Howard that explore landscapes, colours, textures and of course reflections. The juxtaposition of mirror imagery or light bouncing provokes thought in the photographs.

It's a great book, to own or give as a gift with the added bonus of raising money for MDUK


Folkestone Beach Hut


The Hut at Rye

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