Supporting Muscular Dystrophy UK

Chris' latest collection entitled ‘Reflections in Colour’ asks the viewer to ‘reflect’ on the image.

”Of course, everyone's reflection is different,” says Chris, "everyone's viewpoint starts off in a different place, that is even more true if you are in a wheelchair for example.”

It was Chris’ friendship with Dr Andrew Robertson, 40, who is a Peer-to-Peer supporter for MDUK and has limb girdle muscular dystrophy that gave him the idea for this fundraising project.

Andrew said: “My friendship with Chris developed when he and I shared the planning and delivery of a Kent Castle Walk, four years ago. Chris’s daughter also has muscular dystrophy, and after that first experience together, Chris and I would often meet for tea or coffee.”

Chris hopes that you will also enjoy sharing a 'Pot of Tree’ with him.

Click on the button to see the collection and ‘reflections’ on the photos living with muscle-wasting conditions.

The set of reflections is now available in an attractive, coffee-table-style book.

Andrew & Chris
Andrew & Chris
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