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The 'Reflections in Colour' book is a collection of images by Chris Howard that explore landscapes, colours, textures and of course reflections. The juxtaposition of mirror imagery or light bouncing provokes thought in the photographs.

It is these images that have caused 'reflections' in thought from people living with muscular dystrophy across the UK. Individually they reflect on their own lives and views and the results are both humbling and inspirational.

Captured in an A4 Landscape format this perfect bound book of 114 pages demonstrates the sheer quality of Chris's images and of course it is an opportunity to own the entire collection in one beautiful book.

Raising money and awareness is at the heart of this project and in the heart of Chris Howard, whose daughter is a contributor to the book.

It's a great book, to own or give as a gift with the added bonus of raising money for MDUK

Nominated and Shortlisted for the Digital Print Awards 2021

This is an absolute gem of a book, which is based on a brilliant idea.

Ask 50 people, living with Muscular Dystrophy, to choose their favourite from a selection of amazingly atmospheric photographs. Get them to tell their own story and why they chose a particular picture.

The result not only provides the reader with 50 superb photographic prints but also offers an insight into the courage and determination of those who live with MD.
It is a perfect demonstration of how art can inspire us all to reflect.

Gordon Dalston
9 July 2021

In difficult times like the present those of us blessed with good health need to be reminded how lucky we are and how the less fortunate cope with the disadvantages they are forced to endure. This book shines a brilliant light on the thoughts, emotions and aspirations of those with a particular challenge and does it in a beautifully creative and inspirational way. It should be read by everyone.

David Roberts
30 June 2021.

Jazz musicians take an everyday commonplace tune which everyone is familiar with and breathe a new life, a new perspective, with their improvisation and take the 'usual' and make it original and highly distinctive.

So it is with Chris and his approach to these images. A landscape, a close up of a flower, trees in silhouette...first he sees what I didn't see then he uses the techniques available to a master of digital photography to make me look at the everyday in a new way.

I am lucky enough not to need a stick or a chair to keep me mobile and independent (up to now). And like most 'able-bodied' people what do I see when I first meet a 'disabled' person? I see the chair or the stick, the disease or the handicap.

But what about the person? Who are they? What do they love? Or hate? What's their special talent? How do they feel?

These images help me to look beyond. And the reactions of people unlucky enough to have been struck by this disease show me that they too have the capacity to look beyond and see possibilities.

And like a talented jazz maestro, Chris Howard has made the familiar, unfamiliar: made me think about the possibilities which lie beyond the first look.

Do I like all of them? No. But the ones I do will stay with me and - hopefully - make me see everything and everybody with fresh eyes."

Peter Ewence
1 July 2021

I am finding the book very inspiring.
I feel that it is a privilege to hear these voices.

Joan Coombe
2 July 2021

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