Emma Muldoon reflects on A Quick Dip

Meet Emma


Emma lives in a small town in Scotland with her partner and two cats. Emma has limb girdle muscular dystrophy and is a full-time powered wheelchair user.

She loves to share her passion for travel and live music on her accessible travel and disability lifestyle blog. Called Simply Emma, this is her way to share her experiences of living with a physical disability and to raise awareness and break down misconceptions people may have of disabled people.

Emma reflects...

I’ve always felt drawn to the sea. The tranquil colours, vastness and beauty have a way of creating calmness and nostalgia. Many happy memories have been made at the seaside, reminding me of childhood holidays.

Growing up with a muscle-wasting condition means learning to adapt to gradual changes and loss of abilities. The constant motion of waves eroding the ocean rocks mirrors the way muscular dystrophy strips away our abilities over time.

Despite the positive emotions being at the beach can conjure up, it is a place where many of us with muscular dystrophy are excluded, due to lack of accessibility. We are the figures in the shadows, watching on as our non-disabled companions frolic in the sand and bathe in the sea.

Evoking past feelings of low confidence through adolescence, when learning to accept and adjust to changes in physical abilities, and transitioning from walking to using a wheelchair. Feelings of self-consciousness and fear of drawing extra attention to your changing condition and abilities. Wishing to remain in the shadows.

From the shade, we look out to the horizon and the hope that lies beyond… With memories of days gone by warming us like the sun. But there is hope, and positive change has already been made and continues to be made within the disabled community. And no matter how small the change may seem, it creates many ripples.

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