Kerry Thompson reflects on Deal Flowers

Meet Kerry


Kerry, aged 41, is from Milton Keynes and was diagnosed at 24 with a rare form of muscular dystrophy known as myofibrillar myopathy. She uses an electric wheelchair to get around, and lives with her husband. Kerry believes in not letting any limitations caused by her mobility restrictions get in the way. She fights for diversity and equality for disabled people, and is a true believer in a more inclusive and equal world for all so that future generations can have a more accessible life, with fewer worries.

Kerry reflects...

Looking at the natural beauty of the Deal flowers reminds me that no matter what you look like, you are beautiful inside and out. You don’t have to hide yourself away or be afraid to flourish, showing the world the real you. Life can be full of bold, beautiful, bright colours. It’s something I try to do myself. I love to wear bright pink in a world that doesn’t always see me.

The growing flowers show me that no matter what ground surrounds you, you will continue to grow through the struggles you face. Very similar to living with muscular dystrophy, the flowers learn to change direction when needed. The new leaves and flowers grow as the old ones fall off a bit like my muscles learning to adjust to the muscle weakening I face.

The reflection is a reflection of everything I have achieved while living with muscular dystrophy. From each barrier and struggle to every win and joyful moment.. The stones remind me of a past when I was a child and walked along a stony beach.

I can close my eyes and feel the warmth of the sunshine on my face as I spin in my wheelchair. The big blue sky represents freedom, the journeys I have been on and the feelings I have when I am in an aeroplane. But also the struggles and barriers I have to push through to get to that freedom.

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